OviGre-Jobs is a mediator of work. We are looking for the most beautiful jobs in the Netherlands and Belgium for our clients (the job seeker, so you). We are not an employer but purely an intermediary between people looking for work and employment agencies in the Netherlands. We have no interest in where our candidates start, as long as they start at the companies that suit them best. This means that we can work very independently and put our candidates first.

We are based in Cluj Napoca, Romania. Many technical companies and universities can be found here. The ideal breeding ground for our potential candidates. Our recruiters know what they are talking about and all have a technical background. The owner, Ovidiu Grecu had been working in CNC and Oil and Gas (tanks, heaters, rafineries) sectors and therefore has a technical background. He has also worked in the Netherlands himself so knows what you will be dealing with.

We have daily personal contact with many different employment agencies. If we find a job that can suit you, we will contact you to discuss everything and if you are interested we will introduce you to the Employment Agency that has the job in its portfolio. We test our customers (employment agencies) for the following:

• The quality of the accommodation;

• Wages in relation to the applicable collective labor agreement in the Netherlands;

• Does the company pay the (tax) premiums correctly?

• Is the ET scheme applied?

• Facilitates the company in health insurance;

• The company adheres to safety standards.